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Making a Necklace

Building your skills

Whether you are starting out on your first Journey or this is your umpteenth change of direction, it is by understanding our aspirations that we will know which opportunities to take. This section is for all us who might be reviewing our choices and direction of travel.

Building Your Lived Experience

The world of recruitment is changing, away from qualifications towards a proven track record of problem solving. CareAbout helps you to build your Lived Experience CV.

At this stage we provide training videos, developed by people with Lived Experience, with tests and certification from our Chamber of Commerce. Develop your Skills. 
Human at Heart – With a Can Do Attitude.

Can do attitude Questionnaire
Can do Attitude Video

Violin Workshop

Meet other liked minded people

Once we have seen that you care and have started to build your
Lived Experience CV, we will introduce you to likeminded people. Meeting the right people in life is key. So
me will include and involve you – Ground up change. Many will exclude and exploit you –
Top Down Control.

We will create Opportunities for you to put your skills into practice,
so you can hone your expertise. Turning knowledge into knowhow.
Performance Focus Questionnaire
Performance Focus Video

A Young Man Writing

Create Opportunities

Understand the needs of the people you are trying to help, to ensure your aspirations remain relevant, and create opportunities to demonstrate your Integrity
Develop your Aspirations
Human at Heart – With a People Focus.

Drinking Coffee
Business Team

Build Teams

Like all relationships, teams are built on trust. If you have an inquiring mind are happy to create opportunities to include and involve others in solving problems then over the years you will have learned how to manage downside risk, and can be trusted. This is Ground up Change.


Those who do not have Inquiring minds, have no idea how to solve problems, so they seek to avoid accountability and sit in judgement over others. These people cannot be trusted, and should be avoided at all costs, because they will stab you in the back. This kills learning organisations. Building Trust by helping each other. Human at Heart – With a Moral Compass.
Build Self-belief
Moral Compass Video

“In a ground up change world your life is limited only by your aspirations.
Your aspirations are limited only by your confidence.
And your confidence is limited only by your friends.
So, choose them carefully.”


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