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About Us

We have set up The CareAbout Foundation because we believe that we should all have the opportunities to be the best possible versions of ourselves. In business we know that successful organisations align their values with those of their staff and customers so they are all pulling in the same direction. Over the past 40 years our Governments and their acolytes have increasingly sought to exclude us from those opportunities, resulting in, our children asking "What is the Point"? Identity Politics and Cancel Culture. This is a process of Top Down Control, by people who abuse the trust placed in them and feel entitled to enrich themselves by exploiting the people with the skills to solve the problems. Those who add value and pay taxes.

Nick our Chairman has written a book on the subject. It's called The Crime of the Century – The Fraud on our Children, which argues that our National Debt measures the extent of this fraud, explores the underlying behaviour patterns, exposes those responsible, and suggest how we can reverse this process of decline.The Mechanism for reversing this process of decline is Ground up Change, that includes and involves people, in making available opportunities that match our aspirations.

CareAbout helps you to identify your aspirations, think through the skills you need to develop and acquire them, meet people who care about the same thing you do and will create opportunities, put your skills into practice, and build a toolkit, of problems you can solve.
These are the skills that employers are looking for, and I have come to realise they are the same steps as the path to wellbeing, your path to happiness, grounded mental health, the ability to look after those that you love, and be respected by your peers.

Meet The Team

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