Livery Committee

The Livery Committee assists Livery Companies in their support of the Mayoralty and the City of London Corporation. It is aimed at creating awareness amongst Liverymen and the general public of the work of the Livery Companies. It undertakes such tasks which are intended to be in the best interests of the general body of the Livery.

Each Livery Company has a Representative on the Livery Committee, whom they can go to with concerns or issues. Currently the WCMPC Representative is Nigel Pullman, who is the Deputy Chairman.

The Livery Committee is made up of Aldermen, Common Councilmen, Livery Clerks and Liverymen. Opportunities arise for candidates to offer themselves for service on the Committee. The Committee issues regular Briefings on matters concerning the Livery and it's inter-action with the City of London Corporation and the Mayoralty.

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